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Magu Kitchen Takeover.

Experience Magu with the kitchen takeover at NOWHERE, the newly opened bar in Bath. Don’t miss out! Be sure to visit us.

Magu Has Moved!

NOWHERE, 44-45 Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 3BD

Ways To Get Your Burger

Eat In

We’d love to see you at NOWHERE for a burger & drinks. We have a vast selection of draft beers & sprits available.


Skip the delivery charge and come on by to order a takeaway, or click and collect to choose the time you want to pick up your burgers.

Home Delivery

Rather have your burger on the sofa at home then you can find us on Deliveroo. Hit the button below to see if we’re delivering to you.

Opening Times:

Monday: Closed
        Tuesday 1700 - 2300
                Wednesday: 1700 - 2300
            Thursday: 1700 - 2300
      Friday: 1600 - 0200
            Saturday: 1400 - 0200
        Sunday: 1400 - 2300

Magu Kitchen
Open daily except Mondays 17:00 - 22:00